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I used to be involved in an organisation that dealt with fuel savers and free energy systems / concepts. We received all sorts of interesting ideas but I strongly believe we also received disinformation. After seeing the inefficient use of resources for long enough, it was good reason for me to go out on my own. That organisation eventually folded a few years later.

I stumbled upon this newspaper clipping in 2006. I've been in the game a while. Here's what's really going on.

I hope to use the information and concepts that have been archived and benefit the community and myself. I have the technical knowledge. The information listed here is absolute minimal. If you're cashed up and and wanting to consider investing into any of the concepts here, drop me a line. I only want something out of it if something comes of it. If no financial investment comes along, I will eventually get something going myself.

Battery rejuvenation:
These are a dime a dozen, you can even buy them on Ebay (if you know what you are looking for). We have 20 lead acid batteries under our house with a battery desulfator and power filter network connected to them. These batteries are connected to a solar hybrid inverter that runs the house off them. They are cycled daily. I was involved in testing the Bedini battery charger system over 10 years ago and found that the batteries improved to their theoretical maximum with each charge and discharge cycle.

A circuit board prototype. I am able to design my own Printed Circuit Boards from scratch. This board can be used for either battery rejuvenation or hydrogen gas fuel savers. Further testing and development is needed.

Fuel savers:
The idea is to break down water into oxygen and hydrogen using the vehicle electrical system and feed these gases into the air intake. This works alongside the normal fuel system. Traditionally, a chemical is needed in the water to make it conduct electricity. My concept is to use an inductor coil to produce high voltage in a similar manner to that of Stan Meyer who claimed to invent a car that ran using nothing but water. Ultrasonic fuel vaporisers are another option.

Free Energy systems:
Most free energy ideas on the internet are bogus. I have however witnessed one, maybe two systems working. The first system was the Chas Campbell Snooker Ball Gravity Wheel. The second system was called "Hidro+".
This is an example of a bogus "Free Energy" machine. It is nothing more than a motor, flywheel, and generator.

The Snooker Ball Gravity Wheel by Chas Campbell. Snooker balls are transferred between the inner and outer rings in order to over balance the system and produce free mechanical power. In 2007, I witnessed this system working and operated it myself. The only problem is the wheel picks up speed to the point it becomes unstable.

Other potentially viable free energy systems could include systems such as particular gated magnet motors.
There is one system I'm aware of and a prototype is available for sale on an underground market. The last I remember, it cost around US $5500.

Rainfall Enhancement for farmers:
If you do a web search for Australian Rain Corporation, you'll find it was a government operation that seemingly got shelved. They were vague about their results but did give some clues as to how it works. It is possible to build a system for a fraction of the cost, but some safety measures are required as it involves lethal voltages and prospective fault currents. It is essentially a large scale negative ion generator.

A quick web search reveals the possibility of large scale negative ion generators for rainfall enhancement.

Hemp products and medicinal cannabis:
So obvious to some yet the government seem to have excessive regulation of these products. If you haven't heard of this one, you've probably been living in a cave. The government are clearly hell bent on going the wrong way for their zero emissions. Interestingly too, trees actually thrive off carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. This is not something I'm after investors for but rather to make you aware of it and wonder what else is being covered up.