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Saving you money is my business


• Maintenance and repairs
• Installations

Electrical works:
If you want the job done properly and the peace of mind of a guaranteed installation, you've come to the right place.

• Price estimates are free with no obligation.
• Quotes in conjunction with other paid work are free with no obligation.
• Other quotes require payment, which goes towards the job if you go ahead with the quote. Why should I take the time of preparing a quote for you to hand it to someone who won't even need to see the job to quote it?

• Voltex is the preferred brand and their LED lighting comes with a 7 year warranty. The Voltex products don't cost that much more than those in Bunnings and will actually save you money in the long run.
• If you're thinking of bringing your own products to try and save some money, ask first. Some products are difficult to install and don't have much of a warranty either. A poor warranty means the manufacturer isn't very confident in their products. If a part you supply fails, you'll have to pay for its removal and the fitting of its replacement. If a part I supply fails within its warranty period, there is no charge for me to replace it.

"But I've found someone cheaper":
There's plenty of cheap electricians going around - just try your luck on Airtasker or your local Facebook residents groups. Keep in mind they'll probably be out of business in a few years and you'll have no warranty to fall back on in case you need it. They probably don't have a valid contrator licence and insurance (as required by law), and they probably operate using stolen parts. If you get past that, they'll be out of business eventually and you'll have no warranty to fall back on if you need it.

My Electrical Qualifications:
Electrical Contractor Lic# 75647
TITAB Data Cabling Lic# T46793