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Air Conditioning

• Maintenance and repairs
• Installations

If you want the job done properly and the peace of mind of a guaranteed installation or repair, you've come to the right place.
Installations are readily compatible with hydrocarbon refrigerant conversions or you can have a hydrocarbon refrigerant conversion done at the same time.

Tips to reduce your maintenance costs:
• Set the fan speed on your air conditioner to auto to minimise the accumulation of mould and expensive washbag cleaning.
• Periodically clean the filters in the indoor unit and wash the coil on the outdoor unit with a garden hose.
• If the drain is blocked, you can use a wet & dry vacuum cleaner to unblock it.
• Check the mode is set to cooling, heating, or auto, as appropriate. Some people leave it on heating and hope for it to cool and call for service.
Only call a technician if the above doesn't resolve the issue.

Common faults of air conditioner failure include (but not limited to):
Most common, cheap to fix:
• Dirty coils from lack of or insufficient maintenance.
• Dead geckos and frogs on the inverter boards or across the wiring terminals.
• Faulty Capacitors.
More complicated, repairable:
• Gas leaks from the capillary joins in the outdoor unit.
• Gas leaks from other joins and even gas pressure sensors in the outdoor unit (subjected to vibrations from the compressor)
• General gas leaks over time and neglect of proper servicing (air conditioners lose gas over time like car tyres lose air).
Most complicated, rare, may be difficult to source parts:
• Faulty thermistors giving the inverter board the incorrect readout.
Several air conditioning companies are likely to try and sell you a brand new unit without looking at the existing one first. In about half of the cases, an air conditioner is repairable. If the above issues don't solve the problem, you're generally better off getting a new air conditioner.

"But I've found someone cheaper":
There's plenty of cheap installers out there - just try your luck on Airtasker or your local Facebook residents groups. Keep in mind they'll probably be out of business in a few years and you'll have no warranty to fall back on in case you need it. They probably don't have a valid contrator licence and insurance (as required by law), and they probably operate using stolen parts. If you get past that, they'll be out of business eventually and you'll have no warranty to fall back on if you need it. Air conditioners are very finnicky and can and do lose gas - these cheap installers seldom have the gas purchasing licence and you end up finding it difficult and possibly expensive to have the system repaired.

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