Sole trader based in Eastern Heights (Ipswich) since 2013.

What makes my services stand out above the rest?
• Parts and workmanship guaranteed.
• Value for money focused (not too cheap, not too expensive).
• Voltex is the preferred brand for electrical parts, offering substantial quality and warranties.
• Thinking outside of the box to deliver economical custom solutions to meet your needs.
• Flexible payment options (pay it off over time at no extra cost, some conditions apply).
• Employers tend to push their workers to hurry up and "have the job done yesterday", resulting in inferior / defective workmanship. I like to take my time and have the job done properly the first time and in a safe manner.
• On site cleaning is available and negotiable.
• Will advise if any unrelated defects are found, allowing you to rectify it before it becomes more costly later on.

• "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur."
• Rates from $70/h (Travel and labour).
• The prices are already reasonable. You can pay it off over time at no extra cost if money is a problem. An up front deposit for parts will be required.
• Pricing generally isn't listed as it is discretionary and depends on many factors. Just ask if you want a price for something.
• Quotes may be quoted a little higher in order to cover most reasonably unexpected issues but the final price may work out to be less.
• Online or Text Messaging quotes are free.
• On site quotes may require payment and may be credited towards the job if it goes ahead, depending on location. This helps cover costs and keep an efficient service at fair prices.

About me (personal):
This will either attract customers or drive them away. I suspect people know already and employers have probably judged me on it, so I'll just send it anyway!
Age: 36 (I've been tech savvy since my early teens!)
"Religion": I believe in and follow Jesus (the only one that actually defeated death and laid claim to guaranteeing life after this life). If the rapture occurs in my lifetime and I disappear, the world will say the aliens took us - this is false information that the mainstream media will use in order to portray a false narrative. Aliens are actually demons and exhibit the same characteristics.
Paranormal and supernatural: If anyone has had struggles in this area, I'm happy to talk and be there for you. It's there in the Bible but the churches tend to be silent on it.
Political: Vote One Nation and other parties first (they have genuine interest in the underlying economics of Australia), Liberal third last (they're ok but could be better), Labor and Greens last (they pretend to be for the workers and sustainability, but tend to have sinister policies too).
Home town: Campbelltown (Sydney) NSW, left in 2006. It's a long story.
Preferred entertainment: Vision Christian Radio, Destiny Lab, Apologetix, 96.5FM

Payment and Finance options:
• Bank transfer
• Paypal
• Cash
• Qoin (limitations may apply, depending on the market conditions)
• Coming soon: Direct Debit (pay it off over time at no extra cost). Paperwork and copies of credentials required.